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Duron Carter, get yourself some kind of a brain!

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Duron Carter, get yourself some kind of a brain!

Postby LeStaf » 14 Sep 2016 08:58

Some guys need things to have things repeated to finally understand them... :3bang:


Get yourself a brain, 'cause the one you have ain't working!

So you think football is your little person's show? It's a TEAM SPORT, Duh! Today, you owe your teammates humility and effort. Especially those WHO TOOK A PAYCUT so you little me guy could get all that money this season. YOU LET YOUR TEAMMATES DOWN! YOU LET YOUR WHOLE TEAM DOWN!

You'd be nothing without the big boys protecting your QB! You'd be nothing without that guy making the throws! You'd be nothing without the other guys running the alternate routes around you! Wake up! It's not about you. It's about winning football games !!! You're totally USELESS when yapping, trash talking and taunting.

So you wanna get back in NFL, ha? YOU JUST SPOILED IT! How smart is that?

So you think you're CFL's best WR? Got news for you, kid: you're not. You're just an ego trip kid in an adult body. S. J.'s way better. Nik is way better. And if you ever do the half of Ben Cahoon's done in his playtime, then you'll be a good WR. Before that, you got EVERYTHING to prove. EVERYTHING!!!

It's more than time you stop yapping, trash talking and showing off. It't not YOUR show. It's the ALOUETTES show. Where the hell were you when you decided to take the whole R&B team? Focused on your own little self AGAIN! How was this gonna help your team? How was it even gonna make you great?

Football ISN'T about little me guys like you. Football is aboout a whole TEAM giving it all to win the GAME. We fans don't give a damn about the little me guy who let's his teammates et his team down. We don't give a damn about seeing you trash talking on every play. And we don't give a f..k if you WANT to be CFL's best WR. We care about you MAKING THE PLAYS AND NOT LETTING US, THE TEAM, THE FANS, DOWN !!!

You may become a great receiver one day, but first, you must GROW UP and HUMBLE DOWN! You're no bigger then the team. You're no bigger than anyone on this planet. You're no Ben Cahoon yet. You're no S. J. Green yet. You're no Nik Lewis yet. You're no Peter Dalla Riva who has 3 Grey Cup rings yet.

Time to stop acting stupid and be great. Be a man, for the rest of your life.
Plus tu p├ędales moins vite, moins t'avances plus vite.
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